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When someone dies, this is a time when we need to be around our family and friends, to be able to say goodbye together and to obtain some closure.  The funeral helps us to come to terms with the fact that the person we love has gone and without this, we are left suspended and at times unable to grieve.    We can help you at this time, writing a service which will reflect and capture the very essence of the person who has passed away and delivering it on the day of the funeral, professionally and with empathy.

Tailored To Your Requirements

When a loved one dies there are often feelings of confusion, loss, sadness and perhaps helplessness.  All this, at a time when arrangements need to be made, often a daunting task.  The role of the celebrant goes hand in hand with that of the funeral director.  We also work in partnership with you, to ensure your wishes and requirements are met.

Your celebrant will meet you either at home, a place of your choice or if necessary over the telephone, to discuss what type of service you require.  We can make suggestions and give advice where needed and take you by the hand to help you arrange a personalised tribute.  Through discussion and interaction we write the eulogy on your behalf and document the order of service adding in any individual tributes, music or other aspects that you may wish to be included.

To get in touch you can either complete the box below or call us when we can explain exactly what we can do to help you at this difficult time.

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