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Traditionally here in the UK there were only two places where you could get married - a church or a registry office.  Then there was an update to the rules and you could also get married in a venue which was licensed to hold marriages, such a an hotel for example.  

What is little known is that you have many more options.  You can hold your wedding ceremony just about anywhere you would like to and for this to be recognised in law, you can arrange to pop along to the registry office and after responding to a few questions simply sign the register!

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You can choose to do the legal bit before or after - even during if your wedding is in a licensed venue.  The choice is yours.

The ceremony can be held anywhere you choose and can also be designed around you both, making it personalised and special.  This is where we can help.  After an initial consultation, we will create a ceremony which reflects how you want your wedding to be. 


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