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Exciting Times

Planning your wedding is a time of excitement, trepidation, organisation and most of all thrilling when it starts to all come together. Venue, outfits, flowers, choosing who will be involved, invitations etc. One of the most important aspect, often considered as fixed, is the ceremony itself. Strange then, being the most important, that it is sometimes the last thing to be thought about in detail. The words used, the message conveyed, the emotions it evokes are very special to the day. This is where the services of a professional celebrant (i.e. me!) can take the stress and concern away. I help the individuals put together the ceremonial service to reflect them. No fixed method, not necessarily traditional, not even serious, if that's want is desired. The beauty about a celebrant ceremony is that it is individual and personalised.

Last week I was thrilled to marry Rose and Jamie. They wanted something simple, not overly complicated, casual yet meaningful and which would unite not only themselves but their children. The words were simple, not complicated and the children took part too. Fabulous!

If you would like me to marry you and design the ceremony, then please get in touch.

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