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The Mystery of Getting Married - Solved

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Did you know that you don't have to have a registry office ceremony, or a religious ceremony?? In the good old days, people were limited on how they could get married. Traditionally it was either in a church, a registry office or in a building that held a licence such as an hotel. Not any more!

Yes you have to do the legal bit - but this can be as straight forward as making an appointment and signing the register at your local registry office - you will then be legally married. No need to hire the room or have a civil ceremony and have it all over with in minutes.

These days you can have the wedding ceremony before or after you complete the legal aspect. Some couples choose never to do the legal bit! The thing is you can now have freedom of choice. If you want your wedding to be in the forest, on the beach, in your favourite place then this can be done! A celebrant can do this for you, design a personalised ceremony which you will love!

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